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Skincare Routine

The word ‘routine’ might sound a tad boring. But don’t we all have one? Wake up, workout, eat, get to work, come back, and unwind. If you have a process for everything else, why shouldn’t your skin also be treated in a process? That’s why a simple routine, which you can follow daily and keep your beauty
quotient always high.

1. It starts with cleansing because cleanliness is happiness for your skin! Wash your face every morning with a cleanser or a purifying wash that suits your skin type.

2. Follow it with a toner. Once your face is clean, and the pores open up, it’s essential to close them back with a tightening toner to prevent loss of moisture.

3. Apply a serum. This is more necessary for aging skin to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. But unfortunately, the increasing pollution and harsh environment can also take a toll on younger skin.

4. This is a much-needed practice for a healthy skin. Depending on your skin type, choose a moisturizer that works for you and apply generously around the face and neck area. Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and form a protective layer between the external environment and your gentle facial skin.

5. If you must step outdoor in the morning, don’t forget to lather on that sunscreen. And in case you thought sunscreens are for sunny days only, think again. Because the sun always shines and throws out the heat and UV rays, whether the day looks sunny or not. So skipping sunscreen is a big no-no.

6. This part of your skincare routine is meant for a night when you wrap up for the day and are ready to hit the bed. Just like your mind and body need to unwind, your skin also needs to be relaxed after a long day’s stress. Start with removing the make-up, because your skin needs to shed off those extra layers of covering to be fully relaxed. Use a light makeup remover or baby oil to get off the colors and make your face feel natural. Follow the morning routine of cleansing and hydrating. Finish off with a gentle application of eye cream, to treat the delicate eye areas.



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