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Skin illumination Process

How you wish you could wake up every morning with a sun-kissed glow on your face. Don’t you? But constant exposure to external elements, sun, pollution, or health factors like hormonal changes, lifestyle choices, can make your skin easily prone to pigmentation, breakage etc. making it appear dull and aged.
A bare, luminous skin is about treating it from deep within, cleaning the impurities and smoothening out the unevenness.

1. Physics 101 meets beauty routine. Cleaner your skin is, the more light it will reflect. So get cleaning with deep exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and impurities that you gather all through the day, lodging a matte finish to your face. For oily skin, go for deep cleansing with natural exfoliants like clay, mud or charcoal based solutions. For dry and sensitive skin, go easy on the cleansing routine and use mild scrubs and washes.

2. Now that your face is all clean and clear, bring out the hidden radiance with a serum. Serums are like extra dose of nutrition to your skin and keeps its awake, just the way coffee does to your brain.

3. Then smoothen out your face with an appropriate moisturizer. Skin formulae high in natural enzymes will let your skin shine bright. Choose something which is rich in Vitamin C. It not only works as an anti-oxidant and restores collagen, but also reduces age spots and pigments, making your face appear lighter and more illuminated. To get an overall luminescence, go for a light body oil instead of regular lotions. The fatty acids of oils keeps the skin cells nourished which results in a natural glow. The secret to a warm and brightly hued skin is no cosmic science and anyone with a little effort, time, and access to the right tips, can achieve the simply glossy radiance.



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