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Brand Story - Our Vision

The making of Greenberry Organics

Every brand has a story; a story that inspires, a story that changes lives. Our story finds its roots in the 5000-year old Indian life sciences and encompasses the principles of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Yoga, Naturopathy and similar branches of wellness practiced in ancient India. It all started when Navnit, a little girl in Punjab was fascinated by her grandfather’s work as a Unani practitioner. She had an up-close experience of how nature could treat and heal. And thus she developed a deep inclination to share her understanding with people.

As her life moved on within an urban environment, she observed the diminishing significance of natural ingredients and the power of nature in a fast-moving human society.Though she never gave up her hope of taking forward the legacy of her grandfather and sharing his secrets with the world, Navnit could not find the ways and means of realizing her dreams in a commercially driven world. But as they say, life finds a way for every dreamer and so it did for Navnit. Her son, Arjoon, a young mind full of aspirations, took the onus of fulfilling his mother’s broken dreams. Little did the mother-son duo know that what started with a chat over a cup of tea would eventually turn into the son’s entrepreneurial vision!

The Inception

Being a young student from a humble, middle-class background, Arjoon found it arduous to embark on his journey, despite having a true entrepreneurial spirit. While pursuing his post-graduation at XLRI, he started his homework on his products and what it would take to realize his mother’s dream and his business idea. He continued his research while he took up a job to support his venture. After many trials and relentless efforts, Arjoon was finally able to discover the right set of people who believed in his vision. He built a partnership with one of the key manufacturers to set out on his entrepreneurial journey.

Arjoon Mehra conceived Greenberry Organics with the idea of exploring nature’s curative properties, deep-rooted in Ayurveda, Unani and herbal sciences.Blending his mother’s knowledge with his own business acumen and advance research, Arjoon embarked on his venture of nature- inspired beauty solutions with the ideology of delivering the best natural skincare solution to Indian consumers. And staying true to the fundamental thought behind the venture, Arjoon named the brand Greenberry, inspired by the greenery of nature.

Something that started as a simple and small dream, with just four products, soon turned out to be a huge success.

Founder’s Focus

Our brand embraces the fundamentals of traditional Ayurveda and advanced apothecary but defies the concept of conventional off-the-shelf beauty products. We focus on infusing pure plant-based ingredients so all our products are safe to use on skin and hair, even on children.

We believe that nature has everything in its store that we need and we don’t need to resort to harmful chemicals to look or feel good. It’s only a matter of deriving it the right way using the right process. And thus through intense research and development, we introduced like Bio-active ingredients like Sun Cat DETM, Nipa Guard SCETM, PentavitinTM, Organic refined MuruMuru ButterTM, Pracaxi Oil ComplexTM and more, which make our products more effective for Indian consumers.

We strictly steer away from the 15 most harmful chemicals present in most beauty products like- Soap, Sulphate, Paraben, Phthalate, BHT, Artificial emulsifiers, Mineral oil, Petrolatum, Wax, Silicone, DEA/TEA, Phosphates, Limestone and chalk, Chlorine, and synthetic colors and pigments. Instead, we use pure Aloe Vera juice in all our product blends along with other such plant-based substances.

By reinstating and harnessing the power of our traditional sciences, we aim to change the perception of beauty solutions for Indian consumers and introduce a new alternative to conventional OTC products.



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