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How Are We Creating a Difference?

Greenberry Organics stands as a brand with a purpose. By ensuring and delivering quality, natural beauty solutions, we maintain our macro focus on our consumers and the world that we live in.

We Believe and Thrive on:

Staying Away from the Dirty 15

Every jar & the bottle of Greenberry Organics is proudly free from the dirty 15 toxins

Greenberry Organics is more than a brand. It’s a tribute from a son to his mother as well as the Mother Earth. It’s a mission and a dream of realizing the therapeutic properties of nature and bringing it to the homes of millions of people and allow them to experience its bounties. It’s a path to rediscovering the gifts of nature through simple solutions that blend traditional Ayurveda and advanced Apothecary.

Why Choose Greenberry Organics? 

Carefully curated for a healthier you

You don’t eat what you don’t know. Then why should you subject your precious skin and hair to things that you aren’t aware of? Your skin is the largest organ of your body. So whatever you apply on it, ultimately gets absorbed by your
internal organs. Chemical-laden products can not only have long-term harmful effects on your immunity but also pose a serious threat to the environment.
Greenberry Organics shuns all artificial and synthetic ingredients and opens up the door to the endless bounties of nature. And that is why we are far, far, and really far away from the conventional chemicals and harmful toxins that you
find in most off-the-shelf products. Each of our raw material is 100% plant-based and handpicked to bring you the purest skincare and haircare solution from our natural environment.

Changing India’ beauty routine using the power of nature

Since the ancient times, our ancestors believed nature has everything in store that our body needs. Their practice and faith in Mother Earth had given us the profound study of Ayurveda, Apothecary, Unani, Naturopathy and similar
studies. Over the years, with the attempt to make life quick and convenient, we forgot what treasures we already have. Greenberry Organics was born out of this need to bring back the lost wealth of nature and natural substances. And, here we are, harnessing the power of natural ingredients and bringing all their goodness to your skin and hair.

Crafting Skincare Solutions in Greenberry Organics Lab

We live by the age-old mantra of ‘seek and you shall find’. To bring you exclusive natural solutions, we are constantly engaged in research and development activities in our own Laboratory. Our relentless efforts have given us Bio-active ingredients like Sun Cat DE™, Nipa Guard SC™, Pentavitin™, Organic refined MuruMuru Butter™, Pracaxi Oil Complex™ and more such unique substances. Our entire product range, power packed with these essential ingredients, promises you a chemical-free, healthier treat for your skin, hair and body.

Global Natural & Safety Standards

We stand out from the crowd and stand up for what’s right and fair. Because our mission doesn’t end at creating the best beauty solutions. We believe in enriching your life, our people, and our planet. By using 100% bio-degradable bases for each product and standing up against animal testing, we are doing our bit for the environment. We can proudly say that we are India’s first beauty-brand to use ECOCERT and USDA Certified Organic ingredients, owing to our philosophy and business practices. This helps us protect our furry friends from the harsh experiments of chemical substances on them. By adopting organically-derived, natural formula, we encourage you to contribute to a better world!



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