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Your guide to Greenberry Organics

From cavemen to building homes on space and other planets, the human evolution has indeed come a long way. From not knowing what to eat, we evolved to learn what to put on our body, hair, skin, and nails to enhance how we look and how we feel. Because we lived amidst nature, our access was only limited to natural resources. And then one day, the human race grew up. We learned to replicate nature.

To fulfill the needs of the ever-growing human population, we had to create substitutes and supplements of every natural thing possible. That was the birth of chemicals. Using artificial and naturally sourced ingredients, we created our own concoctions of substances that we claimed to take care of us- in terms of medicines, beauty products, and health and wellness treatments. In the wake of a fast-paced life, off-the-shelf products seemed quick, easy and convenient. The glossy packages and titillating aroma lured us into letting ourselves become dependent on chemical laden products. Without realizing, the natural goodness of our skin, body, and hair, started deteriorating, giving rise to endless health and beauty concerns.

After decades of trial and error and being exposed to the effects of chemicals, we have finally started to realize the harm that we have done to our natural selves and are considering going back to our roots.

Nature Revisited

For the last few decades, organizations and brands have been taking the initiative of introducing natural and naturally sourced products and organic ingredients. Natural ingredients have been known to possess endless benefits for our skin, hair and body, without any harmful side effects of artificial, synthetic substances. And with the much deliberation on the aftermath of using run-of-the-mills cosmetic and personal care products, consumers have come to realize that natural remedy is the way to go.

In a country like India, we have a powerhouse of knowledge and information on health and wellness, which we call Ayurveda- a known but forgotten art and science of taking care of human life. Globally, this ancient Indian science has been acclaimed as the right path to finding the right cure and care of our body. And then, there is another school of traditional medicine from the West, which we know as Apothecary. It is the art and science of blending natural ingredients in the most optimal manner, so you can yield the best results for your body.

Imagine, if you could have the perfect balance of these two traditions and give your body the best treatment it deserves. At Greenberry Organics, we endeavor to do just that, so your skin, hair, and body get the right pampering and care that they deserve.  

What does Greenberry Organics bring to you?

We bring you the best of both worlds

Two ancient sciences, two different time periods and places of origin. And we bring the goodness of both in this century, right at your doorstep. Blending the science of Ayurveda and the art of the apothecary, we unravel the secrets of these ancient sciences to people through organic solutions for your skin, bodyand hair.

Our solutions are 100% natural and safe

We have ensured that every single product from Greenberry Organics is made with natural ingredients, in their purest and extracted forms and are free from any kind of harsh chemicals like SLS/SLES, Paraben, EDTA, TEA, DEA and similar others, commonly found in off-the-shelf products. To make your personal care regimen a comforting and relaxing experience, we make sure that every batch of products is dermatologically tested and certified.

We introduce bioactive ingredients

Going one step beyond providing beauty and healthcare solutions, we, at Greenberry Organics, understand and emphasize the core benefits of natural remedies. That is why we have introduced plant derived botanical blends and bioactive ingredients like Sun Cat, Nipa Guard SCE, Pentavitin, Organic refined Muru Muru butter, Pracaxi Oil Complex and similar others.

We believe in transparency

Because trust builds relationships and strong relationships last forever. Our customers are more than mere consumers and we consider them to partners in our growth and achievements. And so, we have ensured complete transparency right at the outset of our venture. We list down each and every ingredient that goes into our products, unlike the common practice across the country, because every consumer deserves to know what they are using.

Less is more, is our belief

Most often than not, commonly found beauty and healthcare products are stored and distributed over lots, for all practical purposes. However, since we refrain from using chemical preservatives, most Greenberry Organics solutions are made in small inventory sizes, so you get the freshest products.

We only use certified and acclaimed ingredients

All our Ayurvedic inspired recipes and remedies are made with ingredients that are approved by the Natural Products Association, USA. Each of our products carries the globally revered ECOCERT certification which assures the safety of the products and makes them nature-friendly.   

Our brand is proudly Indian

As a brand of 21st century India, we are proud to create such unique Ayurvedic and Apothecary blends, on our homeland, and share our story and our ancient traditions with the rest of the world.

We love our furry friends

Like the right care of your body, our ancient scriptures also talk about caring for nature. We strictly believe that like us, animals have their own rights, spaceand place. No product calls for undue damage to their world and our environment. Our processes and practices refrain from testing on animals, neither do we source products from unverified suppliers, who might be doing so, because we love our little friends.

We believe in empowerment

We believe in empowering- empowering consumers with knowledge and empowering the strongest pillar of our societies- our women. We consider women to be the biggest change makers in our society and it’s our key responsibility to ensure that we contribute to their growth. And that is why, as an initiative to bring about change in the order, we hire 75% of women employees across all levels and departments of the company, thus contributing our two cents for a better society.

One step further…

With Ayurveda as our foundation stone, our philosophies are deep-rooted in bringing about change and betterment and sustainability in beauty and healthcare industry. We are and will constantly strive to walk that extra mile beyond offering the best products and becoming a brand that takes care.




  • im new Greenberry organic thanks to green berry organic doing natural products to skin hair and hair pls keep going with 100 percent chemical free we will support to you

  • im new Greenberry organic thanks to green berry organic doing natural products to skin hair and hair pls keep going with 100 percent chemical free we will support to you

  • I require a moisturizing lotion or cream that will take care my uneven skin tone and protect against the sun. Mine is a mature 50 plus age skin

    Aparna Achar
  • thank you so much .best products. I will be start my beauty services centre with our greenberry organics products

    priya kalpund
  • Thank you so much Greenberry organics for coming up with these amazing products.
    For almost three years I have been suffering from acne that would come and visit me when it wished, sometimes in bucket loads and sometimes sparsely , but every time they visited these acne left behind scars that would make me look at others and dream of flawless skin.
    Last year in early September I stumbled upon your product through YouTube and just for the heck of it I tried the Mudash and Herbalism ( soothing myself telling “What is another 1000 Rs when you have wasted so much on others, trying every solution possible for your troubled skin!”)
    The first month no change ( I daily lathered myself up with mudash and herbalism! … In hope of quick results as I had an impending best friend wedding), but I was not disappointed.
    The next month I noticed pimples drying up within the next two days on their arrival…I was shocked….because this DOESN’T happen with me…I considered it a fluke.
    In the third month my skin started to get less pimples …I was trying to consider this as a fluke again …trying not to keep my hopes up with the discovery of a product that ACTUALLY was helping me.
    By the fourth month , I could count the no. Of pimples I had that month on my fingers (and that is rare for a person who has acne that is persistent and stubborn to the highest level, when I am telling u stubborn acne…I really mean stubborn! )
    In the fourth month itself I ordered charcoal gel mask and charcoal face wash , and a refill of mudash…hoping that the sudden reduction in my acne , was magic happening due to your products.
    I am in the fifth month of applying your products which I now do only once or twice a week, and ALHAMDULILLAH by the grace of God no pimple this week.
    I have now ordered almost all of your Skin care products to use as a skin treatment for my BLEMISHES AND ACNE SCARS.
    I really pray to God for all of it to work and give me beautiful blemish free skin.
    I Thank God for giving me Greenberry Organics …..your products have made me love my face again and look forward to seeing myself more in the mirror.
    Thank you .

    Mrs. Hussainy

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