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Must Have Items In Your Bag


Are you one of those who likes to be hassle free and leave home with just your wallet and phone or do you like to carry a big bag along with you. Although most women are not fond of carrying heavy bags while going out, there are some essentials that we just can't do without. We have tried to enlist them for you so you can keep a checklist and see what you might be missing upon.

  1. COMB

As good as wind in hair sounds, it's a disaster seeing our lovely locks getting tangled and messy. It is essential to take care of your tresses even on the go. A comb in your bag always come handy to get gorgeous hair instantly while on the move.


As important as the comb, hair ties are a saviour. Always keep extra hair ties and pins in your bag because no matter how many of these we have, they always seem to disappear when you need them most!


Dry skin is disappointing. A moisturiser is important not just in winters but in summers as well. They help to keep your skin hydrated and healthy looking. For this reason moisturiser made it to our list of must have items.

Products we recommend: Bio Active Bright Day Cream

  1. DEO

Do you work in the field or do a lot of physical activity? Peak summers make you sweat so bad that you need to repeatedly use a deodorant to rescue you.


We just can't deal with dry or cracked lips. Whosoever discovered lip-balms was a genius. Those mini bottles do magic to our lips and make them look soft and plump. And for those instant party plans, lipsticks always become a blessing to give you that glam look.


Refresh and Rehydrate yourself with some wet wipes. They are the perfect hack to get rid of excess dirt and oil off your face.


We often think that if we applied sunscreen while going out in the morning, it will keep you protected the entire day. Sadly though, that doesn't happen. Reapplication of sunscreen every 4-6 hours in necessary to ensure full coverage. So keeping a sunscreen in your bag can protect you from sun tan and harmful UV rays.

Products we recommend: SPF 40+ Sunscreen Spray LotionAloe Vera Cucumber SPF 50+ Sunscreen Gel


Stepping out without you wallet can turn out to be a disaster. One should always have some cash and an identity proof no matter where you go. Its always better to be safe than sorry, right!


You may or may not be the person who writes things down. However, a pen and pocket diary is always useful in taking some notes or making To do lists or planning your day. If you argue that your smartphone can do all that, sure it can but what about the time it fails you owing to a technical problem or battery issues may be. At such times the old-school pen and paper becomes your best friend.


We have become so dependent on our phones that we can't live without them. As helpful our smartphones are, they also work on a battery which can work for only a specific amount of time. On those days when you have no nearby power source available a power bank comes to your rescue and saves your day.

Which out of these do you carry in your bag? Also, tell us if we missed out on any essential thing in the comments below.

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