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Haircare Mistakes you must STOP doing!

Gone are the days when only girls used to be possessive and concerned about their hair. Hair care today is a serious matter of concern for guys as well as girls. Although we wish for great hair 24x7 but bad hair days are a real thing and they are the demon we are all scared of.

While we think the best for our hair, we often end up making some mistakes! We are enlisting the common hair-care mistakes below. Read further and check if any of your habits is on the list too.

  1. Shampooing too often

Some of us have an OCD about clean, gorgeous looking hair everyday and we end up washing them more often than we actually should. If it sounds weird to you that how can cleaning your hair is bad for you, let us clear your doubts. Shampooing too often can remove the healthy oils from your hair and thus making it dry and look lifeless. You can switch to dry shampoos for the bad hair days or may be try some hairstyle that looks good with greasy hair. Well they say, excess of everything is bad and it holds true even here! Doesn't it?

  1. Using shampoo with harmful chemicals

We all have that one favorite brand of shampoo that we swear by, which apparently suits your hair and makes them look lovely but hold on for a moment. Have you ever read the ingredients given on the back of the bottle? Most of us don't and that is our biggest mistake. These shampoos might be a little light on your pocket and are advertised to be the best for your hair but the downside is that they contain harmful chemicals such as sulfates, polysorbates, triclosan etc. They do more harm than good to your hair so you should steer clear of these. So the next time you go to buy a shampoo, take a minute and read what is it made of. We suggest you to go organic and stay tension free!


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  1. Drying your hair with a towel

Now that you are done washing those lovely locks, you are very prone to making the next mistake. How do you dry your hair is an important step in hair-care. Most girls follow the rigorous routine of scrunching their hair and tying it high in a towel turban sort of pattern. While that is convenient for us, it is damaging for your hair as it promotes frizz and fly-away in your hair. However, there is a very simple solution to this problem. You can opt either for a microfiber towel or your good old cotton t-shirt, both of them soak out excess water and do not affect the texture of your hair. That's a bonus right?

  1. Combing Wet Hair

Now that you know how to dry your hair the right way, let's discuss combing them. Are you one of those who comb your hair right out of the shower? If your answer to that is yes, you need to read this! Combing wet hair can make them prone to breaking as they are in a vulnerable state. What do you prefer hair loss or some patience to let them dry the natural way. Instead of brushing them right away after a wash, de-tangle them before taking a shower and then run your fingers through the wet hair after to get rid of tangles.

  1. Using a Dirty Comb/Hair Brush

While we take such good care of our hair and always want them to be clean, we forget to take care of our combs and hair brushes. As important as it is to wash your luscious locks, it is equally important to show some concern to your brushes and comb. Washing them once a week or replacing them once in a while is always the healthier and smarter choice. Forgetting to do it can make your hair prone to nasty itching and even scalp infections. Let’s be careful, Shall we? 

  1. Not oiling your hair

We used to hate our oily and greasy hair while in school because our mothers or grandmothers did not spare us from the torture of soaking our hair in excessive oil. Now that we are grown up and free to make our choices, we have bid adieu to oiling, however each of us has our own set of hair problems namely frizz, split ends, hair damage and a lot more. What does that anecdote teach us? Oiling is the solution, it protects your hair from the damage. Let’s go old school and oil them at least once a week.

All you need is Love and Great Hair and we have got both for you in our products. Try Daily Mild Shampoo and 12 in 1 Hair Tonic Oil Combo handcrafted with our utmost love and care for you. You can thank us later, for now please let us know in the comments if you make any of the mentioned mistakes?

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