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Everything You Need to Know About Acne & Natural Skin Care Products for Acne

We have all been troubled by acne and blemished skin at some point in our lives. These annoying bumps and marks on our dermis skin are painful as well as affect our appearance. If you refer to the dictionary to find out what pimples and acne are, they would merely be inflammation of the skin, but they are much more. If not addressed at the right time, they can lead to the bad skin as well as major self-confidence issues.

With numerous products on the shelves, one is frequently confused about the right products and ends up spending thousands of rupees without any significant results. Before you launch your hunt for the genuine product, it is significant to know what causes acne and then choose natural skin care products based on your skin type, the extent of the condition and your preference.

Some things you must know about spots:

  • Acne manifests in many ways, Whiteheads, blackheadspimplescysts, and nodules
  • While it is more common during puberty, it can resurface at any age
  • Acne is not dangerous but can leave unwanted scars on the skin
  • They are majorly caused by excessive oil production by glands

Here are some causes of acne:

  • The oil glands at the root of hair follicles
  • The Menstrual Cycle, wrong makeup, ineffective cleansing and stress
  • The accumulation of oil, dead skin cells, bacteria in the pores leading to blockage of pores
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption and a bad diet

While genetic and hormonal causes are at the root of acne trouble, lifestyle issues and weather on top play a leading role. Over here are some ways you can take care of acne if they are linked to your lifestyle or weather:

  • Cleanse the face properly: Effective cleansing is the basic and most important step in any acne care routine. You must use a natural and mild cleanser to cleanse the skin. Cleanse twice every day with organic skin care products to get rid of any dirt, sweat and bacteria that may have accumulated. Use lukewarm water to open the pores and get rid of the acne causing elements.

Below are some amazing cleansing products that you can use:

  1. Detoxifying face wash: A nice charcoal-based facewash can help detoxify the skin by attaching to the dirt and microparticles and pull them out. It is the best way to purify your skin and get rid it of the pollutants. Mint and tea tree oil as cleansers can also eliminate the bacteria. Soothing agents like Aloe Vera and liquorice are great for skin nourishment.
  2. Scrub based cleanser: A good scrub-based cleanser can help cleanse properly, by discharging the pollutants. Remember using gentle movements while cleansing to prevent any abrasion on the skin.
  3. Mud face wash: A mud face wash is a great way to achieve flawless and glowing skin without any side-effects.
  • Know your skin type:

To pick the right organic skin care products for you, you must choose based on your skin type. Acne is mostly caused by greasy skin or in the T-zone of combination skin. It can be terrible to choose products for the wrong skin type. For instance, if you use a cleanser for parched skin while you have oily skin, it will make the skin further oilier.

  • Use the right moisturizer:

Moisturizing of the skin is always important for preventing acne and maintaining skin hydration. You must stay clear of moisturizers with chemicals and fragrances. Natural and non-comedogenic moisturizer prevent your skin from feeling dry after wash.

Here are some natural moisturizer options:

  1. Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe Vera is a natural skincare product for moisturization that does wonders for your skin. Choosing the appropriate natural mix of Aloe Vera for your skin will help keep acne at bay.
  2. Moisturizing soaps: Soap cleansers for skin that are naturally moisturizing help maintain the moisture balance in your skin and prevent acne.
  3. Skin masks: Natural skin masks are a great way of healing the skin and keeping it supple.

Other simple home remedies to prevent acne:

  • Consume a lot of water
  • Use mild and natural makeup products
  • Do not touch the pimples
  • Maintain sun protection with a natural sunscreen
  • Do not scrub overmuch
  • Maintain a nutritious and balanced diet
  • Toss a product if it causes any irritation in the skin
  • Consult a dermatologist if the skin condition persists

Remember using only natural skin care products for your skin as harsh chemicals wreak havoc on your soft skin thereby making it prone to acne and other skin issues. Essential formulations of organic skin care products will help maintain the balance of your skin and keep skin issues at bay.

Greenberry organics offer a broad range of organic skincare products  naturally formulated to help prevent your skin supple and free of any issues. Acne products by Greenberry organics are perfectly formulated for acne prone skin and vouched for by many people whose skin has benefitted from the goodness of these natural skin care products.

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