Your guide to Greenberry Organics

From cavemen to building homes on space and other planets, the human evolution has indeed come a long way. From not knowing what to eat, we evolved to learn what to put on our body, hair, skin and nails to enhance how we look and how we feel. Because we lived amidst nature, our access was only limited to natural resources. And then one day, the human race grew up. We learned to replicate nature. To fulfill the needs of the ever growing human population, we had to create substitutes and supplements of every natural things possible. That was the birth of chemicals. Using artificial and naturally sourced ingredients, we created our own concoctions of substances that we claimed to...

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Power of Ayurveda and Apothecary Blended Treatments

India has always been known as a land of rich heritage. Our ancient scriptures have held the key to living a better and healthier life, waiting to be found. Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicine form, has been known to be practiced in India since 4,000 BC. However, the benefits of Ayurveda have only been accepted widely since the last few decades. Today, most people are aware of the potential benefits that Ayurveda can offer. On the other hand, Apothecary – another ancient medicine form – is fairly unknown to many. Apothecary can be simply understood as the art of blending naturally available ingredients to create creams, potions and medicines that help people counter health or lifestyle related anomalies. While Ayurveda...

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Are your skin care products really chemical free?

Skin is the largest organ of our body. The last frontier against a plethora of bacteria and viruses in the air. A complex and intricate structure involved in a wide range of processes. Not a plain layer of tissue, but porous with small pores spread all over it. These pores perform many important functions with temperature regulation through sweat being the primary role. For centuries, people have tried taking care of their skins for health and cosmetic reasons. From creams to oils to ointments, the apothecaries of yesteryears provided different products for skin care. Over the years, as people started looking for instant results from cosmetic products, manufacturers turned towards chemicals. However, skin being a porous organ, absorbs everything that you apply...

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